It’s good to see that the St Neots park bench upgrades are proceeding at pace, but the design leaves a bit to be desired.

Fuck you, Apple USB extension cable and your stupid fucking v-shaped protuberance that means you can only be used with stupid Apple keyboards and their stupid USB plugs. Fuck you very much!

We don’t make “high fidelity mock ups” or “high fidelity wireframes”. We’re making a Thing, not pictures of a Thing.
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(Things are) looking up

There’s nothing in [insert many native smartphone app names here] that couldn’t be done in a mobile web app and instantly be more accessible to a significantly larger audience. But, that wouldn’t be cool. It wouldn’t reach the right kind of audience.

I’m fed up of this shit. This isn’t solving problems, it’s fiddling around at the edges.

Dan Hon (again)